Price: $4,000,000.00

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Terra Firma is a spectacular 4BR home on 1 acre of land, located just east of Island Harbor in Harbor Ridge. 

Terra Firma

Price: $330,000.00

Lovely sloping land located on the southern shore of the Mead’s Bay Salt Pond with views over the pond and onto the sands and waters of Mead’s Bay beyond.  One acre.

Text Box: Mead’s Bay Pond 1

Price: $360,000.000

This acre of prime West End land has approximately 150 ft of road frontage and gorgeous views to both the north and south.

Mead’s Bay Pond 2

Price: $320,000.00

SKU/Item Number: 000000

Text Box: Outstanding views of Road Bay from this 1 acre parcel in South Hill

Road Bay View

Price: $300,000.00

This lovely hilltop is located at the eastern end of Shoal Bay East and affords breathtaking views of the shallow waters below.

Shoal Bay East

Price: $230,000.00

A very desirable half-acre of land located on the southern side of the West End road just past the entrance to the Temenos St. Regis Golf Course.

West End Roadside 1

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